Vol XVI – #223 – Meggen’s Monday

Report #5695 Photo: LR_11-7-16
Tlr-20161107-Ball Of Fire Over Alligator-6714

Sun Rising Over Alligator Hill

.6:00 am ~ 49° ~ Fair – Wind: S SE at 3 mph ~ Humidity: 86%
Sunrise is at 7:32 am ~ Ave. Low is 34° ~ Record Low is 19° (1991)
2:25 pm – 63° ~ Fair ~ Wind:  W SW at 12 mph ~ Humidity: 34%
Sunset is at 5:23 pm ~ Ave. High is 49° ~ Record High is 62° (2011)
Moonphase: First Quarter ~ Pressure: 29.55 in ~ Dew Point: 45° ~ Visibility: 10 Miles
Daylight: 9 Hrs 52 Mns
Forecast for 12/8/16 – AM Showers – High: 52° – Low: 41°

Vol XVI - #222 - A Day To Reflect Upon
Vol XVI - #224 - A Good Day to Vote, Then Go Home and Sit By the Fire

Shipwreck near the trail from the Dune Climb to Lake Michigan

We are having a streak of weather that could be mistaken for summer, with the possible exception of many leaves showing non-green hues. Today’s photographs are again from within the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. The park has a “Trekker’s Challenge,” to hike “all” (13) mainland trails within a year (which I finished this weekend). Dad accompanied me on the most challenging of all the hikes: from the Dune Climb over to the lake (about 3 miles). Since we had 2 cars, we completed the one-way hike by walking along the lake to the old Life Saving Station (about 7 miles total). Where the trail meets the lake, there are two shipwrecks, one on either side of the trail. The one above is a large section of a double-hulled vessel that has a hatch at one end. The other is a partially-buried section (below). Sunrise is from the same hike: we departed early enough to be beyond the Dune Climb and onto the first rise on the trail by the time the sun emerged. Enjoy another banner day today, and get outside if you can!

Tlr-20161107-5328 Shipwreck2 (Iphone)

Shipwreck, also near the trail from the Dune Climb to Lake Michigan


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Dick, in Rankin

I’ll go along with what those other people said.

Judy in Grand Blanc

Wonderful pictures once again Meggen!

John Frank
Meggen, I don’t know you from Adam’s rib [sorry 🙂 ]; is that you with our intrepid reporter Biscuit Burnham? Wonderful pictures. I envy you your artistic talent; and I envy your father’s good health. [Oops, is envy a deadly sin??] I walk 3 or 4 miles every day, but 7 miles ?! Tomorrow I will walk over to the polling place and vote; 2 miles in each direction. Like our good friend Keith I am in my ninth decade of life. I have been Lucky in Life’s Lottery: My ancestors were long livers. My aunt Ercel will be 102… Read more »
CJ on Little Traverse Lake
CJ on Little Traverse Lake

Meggen, your photographs are incredible! The rising sun photo is absolutely beautiful. And you’ve timed the shipwreck ones to capture water breaking over them for added interest. I should say that my comment about incredible applies to all your work that has appeared here on the Report. You have a true artist’s eye!!


Very interesting pics and story…..I’ve never ventured that far. Thanks!

Norman C. Knauf

Did Biscuit enjoy his get well card from a few days ago? Norm Knauf