Vol XVII – #338 – Meggen’s Monday

Report #6139 Photo: LR_03-5-2018
Sunrise Mackinac Blue Ice-5434

Blue ice near the mighty Mackinac Bridge at sunrise, March 3rd



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Sunrise Mackinac Blue Ice-5549

A closer look at the blue ice blocks near shore

We headed north of the 45th parallel this weekend, to check out the blue ice that is pushed up onto shore near the Mackinac Bridge. This phenomenon happens when conditions are just right. Long periods of cold, with ice that has not been exposed to air: when that ice breaks up, there is a blue hue on the lower side. The two photographs below are both iPhone panoramas taken on our return trip, when we stopped at Charlevoix Lighthouse. I’m always delighted to find surprises like the mini “ice caves” stuck just outside the hand rail on the lighthouse pier.


Charlevoix Mini Ice Cave Lighthouse-0283

A two-foot tall, 15-ft long “ice cave” by the railing, Charlevoix Lighthouse

Charlevoix Mini Ice Cave Lighthouse-0287

Captain JP at the Charlevoix Lighthouse (vertical panorama, iPhone)








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John Frank
John Frank
6 years ago

I was unaware of the phenomenon of blue ice. What a delightful surprise! Beautiful. Thanks, Meggen.

Dick, in Rankin
Dick, in Rankin
6 years ago

Meggan, you have done it again!

Great pix!