Vol XVIII – #228 – Meggen’s Monday

Report #3389 Photo: LR_11-19-2018

Breakwater Splash-8558



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Vol XVIII - #227 - Started Windy Ended Nifty
Vol XVIII - #229 - Tuesday Snow Day


We welcomed the sunshine… and the return of Cap’n Joel Petersen to Leland, now that everything in Muskegon is tucked away for the winter. Then, in the quiet of a Monday morning in Traverse City: the annual placement of a huge tree on Cass and Front Streets always amazes me.

Sad news dept: With great sadness Keith received news of the passing of Fred Petroskey. Fred celebrated his 85th birthday on November 4th.

IMG 4715ed

Traverse City – the tree at Cass & Front (iPhone pano)

Biscuit has a buddy staying with him this week! Meet Blue. If you see Blue this week (and some of our neighbors have) call us. 😉

20181119 180958[1]


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Dick, in Rankin
Dick, in Rankin
2 years ago

Is Keith not Well?

Jim Burnham
2 years ago

Dick, when I am in Leland, I take over the photos for Keith. It’s pretty treacherous outside, so it’s better to give him a rest.