Vol XVIII – #229 – Tuesday Snow Day

Report #3390 Photo: LR_11-20-2018
LR2018-11-18  DNE1137

At the end of Gill’s Pier Rd, there is a public beach where the waves come in straight, but start angling in, causing a step like pattern.

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LR2018-11-19 20181119 130806

Snow clouds moving over North Lake Leelanau


(Report by Jim)

Last two days have been fairly grey. Today’s photos are a mixture of the last three. The last one below is today. Today, I got the pleasure of driving back from Traverse City in a snowstorm. I also found out I need new tires. Slowing down for stop signs taught me how to pray again.

I have a new article up about my latest Black Hills Photography trip here:  https://lelandreport.com/portfolio/focus-trek-15-the-alt-black-hills-photo-shootout-part-1/


Setting up lights in Fishtown (Photo by Keith Burnham)

20181120 170135

An inch of snow fell between 3 and 5pm today, the exact time I was 25 miles away in Traverse City

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Dick, in Rankin
Dick, in Rankin
5 years ago

Roofers , in this weather, deserve more than a pat on the back.