Vol XIX – #198 – A Vintage Kind of Cruise

Report #3698 Photo: LR_10-18-19
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The Waterboy parked off The Riverside Inn, which has just recently opened back up after a terrible fire. Tonight was the “From the Ashes” dinner which is fitting since the Waterboy was also brought back from the edge and is better than ever.

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Report by Jim

The Burnhams and the Shea family were Summer neighbors from the 1940s to the middle 90s. We were so close physically that I remember someone sneezing at one house and someone at the other house said: “Bless you”! It was quite a thrill today when Mike Shea texted me to say he was taking the Waterboy out for one of its last cruises of the season. In all this time, I had never been on it. 

20191018 165011

The Waterboy turned 80 years old this month! Bought in Holland, MI, it was driven up Lake Michigan to Leland where it has been all this time. It was owned for much of that time by the Pendergast family and recently completely restored by Mike and two of the Pendergast brothers. It certainly is the grand old lady of the lake. Thank you for the ride Mike!

20191018 17195845453

In other news, the color seems to be peaking or has peaked inland, but is still stubborn along the shorelines. These photos were on French Rd. 

 JB94751 JB94755

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Sara E. Leeland
Sara E. Leeland
4 years ago

Growing up in Leland, Michigan, I loved seeing the downtown and Lake Michigan every day in the 1940s as I walked to school over the Leland River bridge. Now living in New Mexico as a retiree I enjoy every day of seeing a Leland Report photo. Thanks so much for sharing your photos!

Judy in Grand Blanc
Judy in Grand Blanc
4 years ago

Love the boat! And the pic of it parked at the Riverside! Color starting to pop doen here as well…great pics Jim.😁

Steve and Toni Channer
Steve and Toni Channer
4 years ago

Beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

Channer in California

john frank
john frank
4 years ago

The color on the barn peaked years ago!

Dick, in Rankin
Dick, in Rankin
4 years ago

Beautiful pictures! Beautiful boat!