Vol. XX – #113 On Comet!

Report #3964 Photo: LR-7-20-2020

LR 2020-07-19-JF8 2145-2

8:04 am5:02 pm EST
Feels like: 16°F
Wind: 13mph WSW
Humidity: 78%
Pressure: 30.11"Hg
UV index: 0


LR 2020-07-19-JF8 2124-2(Report by Jim)

How long has Comet Neowise been hovering in the late night sky? Has it been a few years? Only a year? For millennia, comets have been interpreted as bringing bad luck and doom. Their appearance was never welcomed and were considered the UFOs of early humanity. We know better now, but with everything going on, is it so far fetched that this beautiful visitor is a portent in disguise? Safe travels Neowise, see you in 6,600 years. You can still catch it in the late night sky this month under the Big Dipper in the NW and in the NE after 1am. It will make it’s closest approach to Earth around 7/22 before it continues its journey around the sun.

LR 2020-07-19-JF8 2158-2
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Michele Hollister
Michele Hollister
2 years ago

Amazing! Thank you for these magical images to share with all of *us*. The stars in the night sky of Northern Michigan always appear more plentiful and brighter than those in our night sky in the Nation’s Oldest City. 😉👏🏼

Anne Slater
Anne Slater
2 years ago

Many thanks for the gorgeous photos of the comet. I’m collecting them from across the country– way too much ambient light in suburban Philadelphia

Shirley Ches
Shirley Ches
2 years ago

WOW – what can I say to expand on that simple 3-letter word that would begin to express the enormity of what you’ve captured by your lens in that glorious sky. Words just don’t convey the magnitude or the ‘magic’. Thank you!

Judy in Grand Blanc
Judy in Grand Blanc
2 years ago

Cool! Great pics! ☺