Vol XV # 350 – The Nicest Day in March So Far

  Another one of those days like yesterday.  A lot of visitor traffic in Fishtown and as a matter of fact all over.  The only snow around  is in plow piles.  Some concern about too early temperature rises, probability of freezing and it’s effect on cherries and grapes.       

Vol XV # 348 – A Cloudy & Cool Thursday

Not much happening today, it’s cool and gray. On the way to town this morning I came upon a group of turkeys crossing M22. The boss turkey in full blown feathers all fanned out turned and started marching straight toward me in my lane.  I of course stopped and he approached the front of the Jeep to the point where… Read more »

Vol XV # 347 – Rain Rain Go Away

The sudden melting hasn’t changed the beachscape as the persistent west and northwest winds have swept and kept the beach clean of snow all winter.  The inset is the Biscuit Report from one year ago yesterday.  What’s left of this winters snow remains in plow mounds.  After a rainy, foggy  and in general dreary day, the sun has returned.  Tomorrow the temperature… Read more »

Vol XV # 346 – A Nice Tuesday

Today’s pictures are revisits to familiar places with nice cloud formations.  What is special about today is the temperature which is 66 degrees.  The snow which has dominated our landscape is disappearing rapidly.  The downside: One of the better iceboating seasons coming to an end, berging probably not an event as well as any activity associated with snow and ice. One year… Read more »

Vol XV # 345 – Meggen’s Monday

Today’s photographs are from a couple of hikes taken over the weekend in our nearby national lakeshore. The melting snow made patterns all over the dunes. It was still chilly enough that it probably wasn’t melting very fast while we were out there.