Vol XVI – #089 – Fishtown Art

The day certainly didn’t start out in the right direction entertaining us with thunder and rain.  The threat subsided and the artists returned to their easels.  Busy most of the morning and early afternoon working at St. Wenceslaus Chicken Dinner.  Checked out Fishtown around 2 and was impressed with the artists work.  

Vol XVI – #088 – Fishtown— en plein air

  Last night at the Leelanau Historical Museum, Norb Gits officially opened and dedicated the Norbert Gits Family Gallery and Bluestone Conference Room which featured my Fishtown pen & inks as well as other artists and photographers at a special showing for Museum Benefactors. In Fishtown this morning, artists set up their easels to capture the beauty of this wonderful and… Read more »

Vol XVI – #085 – A Great Day of Trail Jeeping

Biscuit and I were treated to a great afternoon of trail Jeeping in the hills and backwoods overlooking Sugarloaf.  With old friend Jim Gruber, we drove on trails camouflaged by Mother Nature and around many of the trees fallen by the straight winds of last summers Aug 2nd.