Vol XV #219 – Meggen’s Monday

Sunrise, sunset… a canopy of fall clouds makes a light-catching backdrop both just after sunset last night and just before (an earlier/more normal-feeling) sunrise this morning. Those who were driving anywhere just after 7 am were treated to an array of pinks.    

Vol XV #216 – A Nicer Day Than Yesterday

Indeed, a much nicer day than yesterday.  The 10 day forecast is calling for some pretty nice weather with the exception of tomorrows 90% chance of rain.  Still a lot of color, both in the trees and on the ground. Time change this weekend, I really don’t know why we have Daylight Savings Time.  Being at the west end of the… Read more »

Vol XV #215 – A Blustery Day

  A dark and windy beginning along with showers… ugh  Not so for Elijah Allen above.  I nearly got blown away by a gust of wind on Van’s Beach.  40 years ago, Oct. ’75, on a much nicer day than today I took the picture below.  Today it’s just an open field barren of structures. My apologies to Dave, I’m not focusing today