Vol XVI # 069 – Meggen’s Monday

Report #5543 Photo: LR_6-6-16

TLR-20160606-1573-MMonday Fishtown-15736:00 am ~ 53° ~ Sunny ~ Wind: West at 10 mph ~ Humidity:81%
Sunrise is at 5:57 am ~ Ave. Low is 49° ~ Record Low is 40° (1981)
4:00 pm – 63° ~ Partly Cloudy ~ Wind: West at 11 mph ~ Humidity:66%
Sunset is at 9:27 pm ~ Ave. High is 73° ~ Record High is 90° (1988)
Moonphase:  Waxing Crescent ~ Pressure: 29.58 in ~ Dew Point: 5° ~ Visibility: 7 Miles
Daylight: 15 Hrs  30 Mns
Forecast for 6/7/16 – Cloudy –  High: 58° – Low:45°


TLR-20160606-LucyDog Stander-3517

Lucy the dog keeps a watchful eye

Clear skies this morning offered a delightful reprieve from the weekend’s rain and clouds: blue skies over Fishtown. Earlier this weekend, we met Lucy at Stander Marine in Leland – calmly riding along as her master goes about his work. Also it’s a great time to walk the trail at Leelanau Conservancy’s Houdek Dunes Natural Area to see the pink ladies slippers – these wild orchids are in full bloom, not far from the trailhead. 

TLR-20160606-MM-ladies Slippers-3536

Pink Ladies Slippers (cypripedium acaule) decorate the forest floor at Houdek Dunes Natural Area


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Judy in Grand Blanc
Judy in Grand Blanc
6 years ago

Great pics today Meggen, thanks for sharing!

Dick, in Rankin
Dick, in Rankin
6 years ago

Looks like the lab is trying to “out cool” Biscuit.