Vol XVIII – #25 – Meggen’s Monday

Vol XVIII - #24 - In the Good Ole Summertime
Vol XVIII - #26 - 60 Degrees
Ducks At 667 Prentiss Brown Tug-2683

Ducks near Good Harbor Beach; tug Prentiss Brown and S Fox in background

It was a banner weekend up north! Shipping traffic on the Manitou Passage is back. Ever wonder which ship or freighter or tug you’re seeing, way off in the distance? My go-to website for that info is ais.boatnerd.com. Have a great and sunny Monday.  


Vans With Stewart J Cort-5800

The 999′ Stewart J Cort glides northward; Van’s Beach


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John Frank
John Frank

Love the beautiful and atmospheric pictures! And thanks for the captions.

Bill hahn
Bill hahn

Thanks Meggen for the beautiful and interesting photos we’ve come to expect from you. I think that the ducks are buffleheads which are fascinating for their diving antics. I wish the 1000 footers could find deep water closer to shore so we could see them in all their magnitude . All the best to all.


The Manitou Passage! I wonder how many brave explorers died in trying to establish this great shipping lane before that famous French adventurer Jacque LePoison succeeded ! 🙂 Thanks for the pretty pictures.