Vol XVIII – #104 What Kind of a Day Was It?

Report #6265 Photo: LR_7-15-2018


LR 7-15-2018

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 It was a beautiful day on Lake Leelanau, a hazy one in Fishtown.




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John Frank
John Frank
5 years ago

The incredible coloration in the beautiful lead photo reminded me of a 1949 song (sung by Peggy Lee and many others): The old master painter from the faraway hills/ Painted the violets and the daffodils/ He put the purple in the twilight haze/ Then did a rainbow for the rainy days/ Dreamed up the murals on the blue summer skies/ Painted the devil in my darling’s eyes/ Captured the dreamer with a thousand thrills/ The old master painter from the faraway hills/ Then came his masterpiece and when he was through/ He smiled down from heaven and he gave me… Read more »