Vol XVIII – #98 – Cherry Trees and Milky Trees

Report #6259 Photo: LR_7-8-2018

20180323 JF8 3013
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20180323 JF8 2984

(Report by Jim. Keith is feeling a little under the weather, so the Biscuit Report will have to wait.)

trip around the county last week shows how large the cherry harvest might be. Trees are bursting with fruit. The main photo shows several different stages of a typical cherry orchard, from young sapling to mature trees with fruit to dead trees cut and ready for clearing. There are also some apple trees in there for good measure.

The flowers below are from my Mother’s garden. There is always something to shoot there. The last photo was actually the last photo I took on 7/5 and shows the galactic center of the Milky Way rising to the South in front of some old growth pines and birch trees. 20180323 JF8 3058-Edit20180323 JF8 3735   


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John Frank
John Frank
5 years ago

Spectacular shots! Thanks for sharing.