Vol XVI – #085 – A Great Day of Trail Jeeping

Biscuit and I were treated to a great afternoon of trail Jeeping in the hills and backwoods overlooking Sugarloaf.  With old friend Jim Gruber, we drove on trails camouflaged by Mother Nature and around many of the trees fallen by the straight winds of last summers Aug 2nd.         

Vol XVI – #082 – Father’s Day in Leland

    It’s been one of the nicest day we’ve had.  A perfect Father’s Day.  Below, Bill and Mim Steele with daughter Niki,  Mim is 101 and Bill will be 100 on July23.   Great memories with this Leland couple on the golf course and on the lake racing National One Design.    

Vol XVI # 077 – First Day of Sailing School

A overcast but beautiful beginning to a very nice day.  It was a perfect day to begin teaching sailing at the Leland Yacht Club. The sailing class was small but in a week or two there will be a lot more students. A Fishtown Story:  As usual Biscuit gets a lot of attention in Fishtown, even from those who have… Read more »

Vol XVI # 076 – Meggen’s Monday

    This Monday morning started off overcast and drizzly. The weekend was absolutely beautiful, however, with displays of cloud patterns worthy of pausing to look. Yesterday the Joy returned right away, having encountered strong northwest winds and rolling waves. By the time the sun’s afterglow graced the harbor, however, the night was completely still.