Vol XVI # 008 – Winter Ends When Winter Ends

The pictures say it all… what a miserable day. Another clipper coming tomorrow morning.  With vast swings in the temperature, I think there would be concerns about apples, cherries and grapes which are going to bud soon.  Memories of 2014, when we had, 257 inches of total snowfall on this date.  We were well into May before the ice on… Read more »

Vol XVI # 007 – Sunny Today… Snow Tomorrow

Blue dominated the sky this morning playing host to a few lingering clouds continuing for the rest of the afternoon. In spite of the temperatures being in the lower 20’s, the sun managed to melt half of the last clipper snow, just in time to make room for the next clipper. Received an Email from Biff Steel with news that… Read more »

Vol XVI # 004 – A April Snow Day

No surprises this morning when the snow began to fall except for the amount.  The forecast said 1 inch accumulation and we got 3.  Actually it was a lot of fun to see half dollar sized snowflakes falling at times.  Tomorrow is good for 3 more.  Tuesday back up into the 40’s, so much for April snow.  

Vol XVI # 003 – April Fools Day

No April Fools Day jokes today, in the past we have had a lot a fun, especially with our Sheriff’s Department    Below are the LR’s for April first, 2001 to 2015.  No foolin, today is a beautiful April 1st.  The weather people are predicting 3 clippers before the weekend is over and that’s no foolin.    

Vol XVI # 002- Down By the Riverside

A very tough day to go out and take a picture, the thought being, take a picture of what?  A drizzly morning with limited visibility.  Besides, it was really chilly, especially with a north wind.  This is not a new situation because for the past 15 years I’ve had a lot days just like today.   So what do I do?…  I go and… Read more »

Vol XVI # 001- First Day of the 16th Year

It never entered my mind that morning, March 30th, 2001 that I would be posting the 5,477th Leland Report 15 years later.  It wasn’t in the plan because there was no plan, some things just happen.  Today the LR begins it’s 16th year as I work on my 84th.  I don’t think about when this ends as it is part of my daily… Read more »

Vol XV # 366 – Final Day of the 15th Year

We are having a nice day to wind up our 15th Leland Report year.  It would be nicer if it was a little warmer, but that will come. I discovered that this past April the Leland Reports # was wrong and some how ended up today with 367 days when it should be 366 (Leap Year added)