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Vol XVIII – #8 – Snow Gauge Updated to 208!

(Report by Jim) Is this the end of the snow? Who knows? Snow gauge is now sitting at 208″ for the season based on the Leif Sporck’s exacting measurements. There are only 10 people left who guessed higher than 208 in the contest. The photo above is by Keith down at Nedows Bay. The forecast does not show any significant… Read more »

Vol XVII – #093 – Happy Place

(Report by Jim today)  How fortunate are we to be here, today? Crowds have arrived for 4th of July, so Van’s Beach is hopping. But it’s nice to know (be related to) people who still have relatively untouched (and secret) sections of beach that you can get lost on on a day like today.     

Vol XVI # 025 – Saturday in Leland

Another nice beginning to a late April day, but on the cool side.  Not a ripple on Carp River, providing a mirror image of the Library and Museum.  South Beach was host to the Saturday Rockers.  The afternoon became clouded over and rain is promised for tomorrow.         

Vol XVI # 007 – Sunny Today… Snow Tomorrow

Blue dominated the sky this morning playing host to a few lingering clouds continuing for the rest of the afternoon. In spite of the temperatures being in the lower 20’s, the sun managed to melt half of the last clipper snow, just in time to make room for the next clipper. Received an Email from Biff Steel with news that… Read more »

Vol XV #261 – Meggen’s Monday

  I went out  Friday morning to see the three freighters that are proving Good Harbor Bay true to its name. Strong winds caused the Great Republic, Algoma Navigator, and Algosoo (L to R) to stop here overnight.    Click here to enter the 2016 Snow Gauge contest! Win a custom Leif Spork tile!