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Vol. XX – #242- Lighthouse West Natural New Year Area

(Report by Jim) Welcome to 2021! To start the year out right, we spent the better part of this morning mopping up some leaking water in the basement. That left a little time to go up to Lighthouse West Natural Area for a short hike. (Leelanau Conservancy, right off Cathead Bay Dr., right before the entrance to Leelanau State Park) … Read more »

Vol. XX – #134 – Almost Rainy

  (Report by Jim taking over for Meggen)   Working remotely today. Decent weather all day, beautiful cumulus out to the East, weather threatening but never quite hit us. Joanne’s garden will have to wait another day or so. I got some maintenance done on the kayak including a bilge pump and paddle leash. After last month’s excitement, I also… Read more »

Vol. XX – #133 – Mountain Bike Trails to Northport

    (Report by Jim)   Saturday found me on a 6 mile mountain bike course in the morning and then a 500 mile drive to Leland in the afternoon. I thought I would be too tired to make the whole trip, but it  ends up I didn’t need all that caffeine. Today was property maintenance and a trip to… Read more »

Vol XIX – #265 – Knot Doing Much Today

(Report by Jim) Work from home day today, but we took some time to have lunch at Knot Just a Bar in Omena.  Up at Leelanau State Park Trail earlier this week we found a huge piece of tree fungus with some engravings on it. And the Biscuit Report!   The 2020 Leland Report Calendar is available for $15.99+$2 shipping!… Read more »

Vol XIX – #264 – Merry Droning Christmas

(Report by Jim) Merry Christmas from our families to yours! My nephew Matt and I went up to Mud Lake to do some drone shots. It’s amazing the things you can see if you change your perspective.  Down at the end of Onomonee Rd is what we call Sunset Beach for good reasons. But the view from above is just… Read more »

Vol XVIII – #266 – A Stiff SE Wind

(Report by Jim) A wicked SE Wind brought warm air and rain to Leelanau all day today. The surf on the West side was nill, but on the East side it was predictably rough, these being taken just north of Northport. The ice below was at Leelanau State Park. Appropriately, we went and saw Aquaman tonight at the IMAX in Traverse… Read more »

Vol XVIII – #227 – Started Windy Ended Nifty

  (Report by Jim) 30 degrees but coooold with the the wind chill up at Peterson Park in Northport this morning. The puffy white clouds were there for me today. The sun was out when I needed it, and set very beautifully. A very good day all around. Hard to pick from all of the photos, but here are the… Read more »

Vol XVII – #093 – Happy Place

(Report by Jim today)  How fortunate are we to be here, today? Crowds have arrived for 4th of July, so Van’s Beach is hopping. But it’s nice to know (be related to) people who still have relatively untouched (and secret) sections of beach that you can get lost on on a day like today.     

Vol XVII – #024 – It Was What It Was

(Report by Jim) In honor of Earth Day, we go back to March of 2003, when I was still shooting film. These is the first time I ever saw the “Ice Caves” up near Northport. The earth serves up some marvelous artwork day after day, year after year, century after century. I think it requires us to respect it enough… Read more »