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Vol XVI – #260 – The Wind Again !

Tried getting to the shoreline but the wind just  wouldn’t let me.  The picture of Biscuit below taken moments before two whitetails crossed our path and disappeared into the meadow.   The 2017 Leland Report Calendar is now shipping! New low price!  Look for the Book and Calendar Bundle here:  http://www.artistasylum.com/specialty-items/e5b7837c1  

Vol XVI – #259 – The Wind

It’s the wind blowing from out of the west over Big Blue that is creating our current weather.  Almost all of our current snowfall is lake effect. The cold is a result of a polar vortex. Last year on this date we had 10 inches total.  2014-53 in,  2013-28 in, 2012-10 in, 2011-half inch, 2010-21 in, 2009-29 in, 2008-55 in, 2007-33… Read more »

Vol XVI – #258 – Meggen’s Monday

It’s still early in the winter, with the ground gradually freezing under foot. A short walk along Lake Michigan at the north end of Route 651 (still accessible with a truck) shows winter happening. If you pause long enough, you can almost detect the sound of snow touching the ground, or water forming into ice… a moment of beautiful stillness. … Read more »

Vol XV #324 – Meggen’s Monday

Happy President’s Day! We have snow flurries again on Monday, obscuring what was a beautiful blue sky yesterday. Ice boats raced about on the south end of Lake Leelanau. The wind chill out on the lake was considerable, but it looked like the sailors were having fun. Here are more glimpses of the vibrant colors that pop when the sun… Read more »

Vol XV #322 – It’s A Real Winter Day

D No doubt about it…  It’s a real winter day.  Visibility zero at times on the road and only one car without headlights.  Two degrees at get-up is the coldest so far this season, the record low is 10 below.  Not many people out today. The Leland Report/Leif Spork Snow Gauge contest is closed. We had a total of 47 entries. We… Read more »

Vol XV #321 – Now You See, Now You Don’t

No doubt about it… this has to be the worst day of the season with the wind blowing at over 30 mph, periods of lake effect snow and visibility near zero at times.  Drove to Lake Leelanau for recycling in a total whiteout.  Amazing how many cars have no headlights and I thought it was mandatory.  The scary cars are white and appear… Read more »

Vol XV #319 – The Wind… It’s the Wind

Again… the wind!   Last nights local TV weather forecasted 6 to 10 inches of snow, we received 1 inch.  The lake effect machine is in full throttle, but we happen the fall between the bands.  10 inches has been reported in various locations and I’m sure Suttons Bay is one of them.  The main picture taken this morning at Van’s… Read more »

Vol XV #318 – Lake Effect is On it’s Way

Again… the wind is dictating our “El Nino” winter weather.  And these ice boats are ready to take advantage of it before the snow falls.  We are under another “Winter Weather Warning” until Thursday at 10am.  I heard this morning that the ice on North Lake Leelanau is about 3 inches thick, which isn’t the best but, I’ve seen ice boats… Read more »

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