Vol XVI – #147 – Blue Heron Tuesday


After a brief overnight shower, the morning began with puffy whites and a light breeze.  A tree that has been for the past year a monument to the August 2, 2015 storm at Lake and Pearl, was history by mid morning. The picture of the Blue Heron was actually taken yesterday after the Sheriff alerted me that it was across… Read more »

Vol XVI – #146 – Meggen’s Monday


  This morning, the harbor flew a small craft advisory pennant. The Manitou Passage is likely to be rough, even if it doesn’t appear too bad from shore. I always enjoy looking out at the islands no matter what’s going on with the wind, rain, and sunshine. Today as they often do, the tips of the islands seem to float… Read more »

Vol XVI – #144 – The World Champions


Dark skies and treat of storms began our day.  The forecast for thunderstorms didn’t deter this group and the races continued.  Congratulations to the winners.  Actually they are all winners.  In the upper right of the above picture are a group from Canada Below, Sam Hearn and his son received the Submariner Award.    

Vol XVI – #141 – And Then the Sky Turned Blue Again


  They said it was going to rain this morning and it did along with thunder and lightning.  At noon the sky became blue in the west and sunshine prevailed this afternoon.  Another day with interesting cloud formations. Sad News: Our side kick for the past 6 or 7 years in the morning, Binky, was laid to rest.  Biscuit and I… Read more »