Vol XVII – #340 – It’s a Marshmallow World Two Weeks Before Spring

Report #6140 Photo: LR_03-7-2018


LR 03-07-2018


Vol XVII - #339 - Let It Snow!, Let It Snow!, Let it Snow!
Vol XVII - #341 - Can Spring Be Far Behind?


The weather report for the coming weekend calls for sunshine and temperatures around 40 degrees. That should take care of most of this snowfall. Can’t complain, we have had a pretty nice winter with a early taste of spring.


Biscuit has a “hot spot” on his cheek.  Dr. Harrison treated him and for a week it looked like it was healed… Then one morning it was bloody after he pawed overnight… cone head!


Below: Waiting for the “Enterprise” to come out with the official Maple City total this afternoon.










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Judy in Grand Blanc

Thanks for “splainin’ ” about Biscuit, get better soon pup!


That poor guy!!!

Dick, in Rankin

I did not understand “the cone of shame” ’til I saw this pic of Biscuit.
Come on, boy, get better.