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Vol XV #286 – Another gray January Day

Another calm and cloudy beginning.  The temperature rose to around 43 degrees this afternoon with some drizzle, not the kind of winter day you want.  Sunday is forecasted to be cold and snowy.  Last year on this date we had 61.2 inches in Maple City and two years ago 121 inches in Suttons bay.  But then again, three years ago… Read more »

Vol XV #274 – Cable’s Back… But For How Long?

Somewhere around noon…  Cable returned!  Great news, but for the fact that Tuesday there is an Winter Storm Warning of possible 8 to 12 inches of snow and 1/4 inch ice.  Quarter inch ice means tree limbs and power lines down.  This El Nino Winter ain’t no fun. Below, this surfer finally caught one to ride in after a half… Read more »

Vol XV #273 – Powering Down

(Report by Jim) Still a blackout in Leland. Today’s photos are by Erhardt Peters, turn of the century photographer from Ludington and Leland. Fishing was year-round as long as the ice was passable. And if the ice wasn’t passable, they made it passable. According to Joel Petersen, the rocking made it easier to move through the ice. This is circa… Read more »

Vol XV #272 – Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night

(Report by Jim) Power is still out in Leland but crews are working today. Here is another fine photo of the 2013 snow season which brought record accumulation to the area. A hearty thank you to the crews that had to work yesterday and today and probably into the weekend to restore power to the area. Meggen and Joel Petersen… Read more »

Vol XV #271 – The Wind, it Blows

(Report by Jim)The wind has been blowing hard in Leland and the cable is out so I am publishing the Leland Report right now. It probably will be updated later. The photo is from three years ago on the same date. WHEN THERE WAS SNOW. And lots of it. Hopefully posting this will help. Good news department: Authorities in Illinois… Read more »

Vol XV #270 – Annual Toy Store Story

The Leland Reports first visit to the Toy Store was on this date in 2001 and has been revisited each year since.  I believe it’s important to remember those who have made our Leland experience special and Linda, the Toy Store Lady” did indeed.  The weather people are forecasting rain and winds gusting to 50 mph tonight and early tomorrow.  I’m… Read more »

Vol XV #269 – Another Damp Day I’d say

Above, pictures of the calmness of Big Blue as well as the absence of winter two days before Christmas.  It’s not the first time it’s been void of snow, hopefully not a trend for the season.  Remembering the record snowfall two years ago I’m sure it’s not. Below is an update of the new fire station progress.      … Read more »

Vol XV #268 – Meggen’s Monday

Above average temperatures dominate the weather news. Usually at this time of year, a white weather pattern involves snow rather than fog. But rainy fog is what we have – where the familiar shoreline disappears into a bank of misty white. Meanwhile behind the scenes, the Joy is being fitted with rails that are about eight inches higher. The fishermen… Read more »

Vol XV #254 – Meggen’s Monday

We have a mild and gray Monday today. At Mr. Burnham’s request, we are featuring photos of bowls turned from trees downed during the August 2 storm. Members of the Northwestern Michigan Woodturners Club are turning these bowls from sections of hardwood trees that fell that day, as a way for neighbors and those in the community to commemorate their… Read more »

Vol XV #247 – Meggen’s Monday

  Today’s photos are from a special event that took place on Saturday. It is a privilege to grab the camera and head out the door with the intention of photographing a bald eagle – and know that you’ll actually see one. Wings of Wonder’s Founder and CEO Rebecca Lessard released “Miracle Boy” after describing the treatment her organization provided… Read more »