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Vol XVII – #356 – Hall’s Shanty

I finished the pen and ink of Hall’s Shanty on March 17th, 1973, 45 years ago, it was my 40th birthday. The photo above reflects what it looked like right after Falling Waters was built.  Jim’s posts have shown what it looked like a century ago. Below shows what it looked like this morning. Fishtown has changed many times in… Read more »

Vol XVII – #355 – Changes

(Report by Jim Burnham) Keith is still a bit under the weather and thanks everyone for their well wishes! Today’s treat is a couple photos of the same scene, different centuries, different photographers. The top was taken by Walter McCord (probably in the 1950s since there is no Falling Waters Lodge in the background). The bottom photo was taken by… Read more »

Vol XVII – #354 – Moving Forward With the Plan

(Report by Jim Burnham) Keith is recovering from a head cold at the present time so I am going to be filling in from Illinois for the time being. The photos today are a continuation of those from yesterday. The lone winter fishing boat entering the small, ice clogged gateway to the river is a fantastic shot by Erhardt Peters…. Read more »

Vol XVII – #353 – Throwback

(Report by Jim Burnham) Harkening back to the Winters of yesteryear (close to 100 years ago now), our intrepid fishermen work their tug through the iced up waters outside the old entry into the river (below). They fished until it was impossible to get the boats out into Lake Michigan and sometimes the boats would get stuck in the ice…. Read more »