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Vol XIX – #335 -Up Down All Around

(Report by Jim)  Lots of places visited on Friday so I didn’t have time to post on the same day! I am heading back to Illinois on Saturday. Always fun being able to share this with you all every month. First off, we had a great “breakfast for lunch” at Fig’s in Lake Leelanau, thank you, Brian! Up on Eagle… Read more »

Vol XIX – #334 -Blast From the Past #1 6-4-1925

(Report by Jim) Today is our first Blast From the Past featuring the Leelanau Enterprise from the early part of the 20th century. Today is 6/4/1925. There was an entire page dedicated to the benefits of the “electrification” of farms. The Leland baseball team exacted revenge on Northport 7-3 with Nedow and C. Carlson in “good form”. Stander Motor Co…. Read more »

Vol XIX – #333 -Shoreline Drone Run

(Report by Jim) I was working most of the day and did not get out, but I have plenty of material from the last few days to work through. This is the current shoreline from a mile south to a mile north of Leland. I’ll be combining this with another run this Summer to compare the difference. Hopefully, it will… Read more »

Vol XIX – #332 -Avoided Crashing the Drone

(Report by Jim) Today was a workday and was sunny for a bit, but started snowing later in the afternoon. Photos today are from yesterday when it was quite beautiful out most of the day. The first photo was taken on Macksey Rd. coming back from Lake Leelanau. I managed to get the drone fixed and up over North Beach… Read more »

Vol XIX – #330 -Blues and Reds

If you are looking for ice castles, this is about the best you’ll get. (It’s an optical trick, they aren’t more than 1″ high). Empire Beach is in the process of getting some final blocks added to the edge of the parking lot. The waves are currently hitting the new steel wall. These are part of the old Empire Lumber… Read more »

Vol XIX – #308 – Who Moved the Cheese?

(Report by Jim) I wasn’t here for the move of the shanty into the parking lot, but I was here today for the move back! Here is a time-lapse video of the process. To contribute to the ongoing updates to save the buildings from rising waters of Lake Michigan, go to Thanks for letting me share my images, I’ll… Read more »

Vol XIX – #307 – Indian Trails and Frozen Picnic Tables

(Report by Jim) Today I took off work to explore for my birthday. I headed all the way down near Point Betsie to the Old Indian Trail on my quest to visit all the conservancy properties. I’m at 11/37 in the past year.  Early in the morning, I braved the ice on the break wall which never fails to provide… Read more »

Vol XIX – #306 – The End is Night

(Report by Jim) Another spectacular sunset tonight! I was ready for it this time, though. Good Harbor never fails to deliver. Taking the drone out tomorrow, hoping for some calm winds and no crashes this time! With the arrival of February, the Leland Report calendars are now $5 each +$2 shipping! All book orders get a free 2020 calendar until… Read more »

Vol XIX – #305 – State of the Union is Cold

(Report by Jim) Sunset is never over until it’s over! The sun set at 5:54pm tonight, but I took all these photos between 6:30 and 7pm. “The afterglow when the sun has set, these are things I’ll never forget.” When I got down to the harbor after dinner and just after sunset, I had my camera, but no battery. When… Read more »

Vol XIX – #304 – Still pretty warm out

(Report by Jim standing in for Meggen) Back in my happy place! Sunny sunrise followed by a nice pattern of clouds for most of the day. I took a lunch break and headed down to see how the Cheese Shanty work was coming along. The first photo is from Point Betsie, which has very little ice compared to previous years!… Read more »