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Vol XIX – #266 – I Saw the Light

(Report by Jim) I took the light wand (a modified LED lighted umbrella shaft) down to South Beach last night. A friend of mine commented on how pretty the sky looked with Leland illuminating the haze in the sky against the contrasting pitch blackness of the horizon. I took it a step further. I’ll be heading back tomorrow, maybe I’ll… Read more »

Vol XIX – #265 – Knot Doing Much Today

(Report by Jim) Work from home day today, but we took some time to have lunch at Knot Just a Bar in Omena.  Up at Leelanau State Park Trail earlier this week we found a huge piece of tree fungus with some engravings on it. And the Biscuit Report!   The 2020 Leland Report Calendar is available for $15.99+$2 shipping!… Read more »

Vol XIX – #264 – Merry Droning Christmas

(Report by Jim) Merry Christmas from our families to yours! My nephew Matt and I went up to Mud Lake to do some drone shots. It’s amazing the things you can see if you change your perspective.  Down at the end of Onomonee Rd is what we call Sunset Beach for good reasons. But the view from above is just… Read more »

Vol XIX – #263 – Another New Trail

(Report by Jim) Another place you might not know about, at the end of the road just past Woosley Airport, near the tip of the peninsula, is a short road that ends at a trail that’s part of the Leelanau State Park. The trail loops around and has a lookout and a way down to the dunes and beach.  Hiking… Read more »

Vol XIX – #240 – Crash!

(Report by Jim) As goes with motorcycles, so goes with drones. It’s not if you will crash it, it’s WHEN. I was all set up for an epic low altitude shore run of North and South beaches when I lost communication with the drone and it continued it’s errant course into the hillside. Luckily, I still had GPS communication and… Read more »

Vol XIX – #239 – Holly Pop!

(Report by Jim) Holly Pop! is back on at the Old Art Building from 10-4pm today and tomorrow 11/30. My old friend Kerry Satterwhite is ready to help you with whatever you need! And the reindeer is back! Don’t forget, if you want to save the shipping and get a great gift for someone this season, Leelanau Books has a… Read more »

Vol XIX – #238 – Thanksgiving Greetings

(Report by Jim) Happy Thanksgiving to the whole Leland Report family. I took a walk, then slide, down to South Beach today and I’m thankful that I was able to get back up! Starting tomorrow, Leelanau Books will have a stack of calendars for sale! The 2020 Leland Report Calendar is available for $15.99+$2 shipping! Click on the following link… Read more »

Vol XIX – #213 More of Fall

(Report by Jim) On the way back on my last trip, I stopped by the High Rollaways. I’ve posted a few photos from that morning. Here are some more. I made it a point this year to get to Leelanau at peak color, and I believe I missed it early by a week. But there was plenty of color to… Read more »

Vol XIX – #199 – A Colorful Day

Report by Jim Today was a day for having the drone up so I headed down French Rd and Gauthier, Lake Leelanau and up Bay Hill for some shots. I was planning on leaving for Illinois today, but lingered a bit too long. Tomorrow should be stunning as well, so I’m heading down M22 to Pt. Betsie and Frankfort, and… Read more »