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Vol XVIII – #344 – Aerials Revisited

(Report by Jim) More shots from drone day on the North side. I’m in the process of getting my commercial certification, which will open up possibilities to do paid work. There are so many possibilities to take amazing photos with drones, but I will not fly them in state or national parks without permission, or fly it around people. There… Read more »

Vol XVIII – #343 – Spring Cracks

(Report by Jim) Took my daughter down to Suttons Bay for some portraits. Actually, SHE took me down to take portraits of her! Looks like some new docks are ready to go in at the harbor. I took a walk around on them, pretty solid! My panorama didn’t turn out exactly like I expected, but it was an experiment, anyway…. Read more »

Vol XVIII – #342 – Droning and Boating

See the video here: (Report by Jim) The Leland Report has a new toy. Took the Phantom 4 drone out onto the beach North of town up to around Golfview Dr. Also met Mike, one of the ice boaters today out for a run off Fudgie Beach.  

Vol XVIII – #326 – Lake Michigan Ice

(Report by Jim) Ice as far as the eye can see from our perch on the clay cliffs North of Leland. Thank you, Neal Cory for allowing us to photograph from his stairs. It looks like you can walk out to the islands, but I don’t think it is all solid ice. Empire Beach showed quite a bit of open… Read more »

Vol XVIII – #325 – Scenes While Out and About

  (Report by Jim) There is always something to see up here. A little splash of color here and there, peeking out of the ice. Although the week has been mostly cloudy, there have been a few minutes of blue sky here and there, peeking out of the ice.  See note below about the Snow Gauge contest. Our Snow Gauge… Read more »

Vol XVIII – #322 – Empire Beach Sunset

For everyone wondering what is happening with the snow gauge contest, we will be announcing a new partner for the first prize soon. We will be sending out an email blast with all the details and a live broadcast. Please continue to send us images from wherever you are in the Michigans. We can always use them. And don’t forget… Read more »

Vol XVIII – #315 – More From Erhardt Peters

(Report by Jim while Keith is recuperating.) I like to pull out the photo above as a reminder of what it was like to drive in the Winter circa 1910-20. Clearing that amount of snow off M22 is not easy these days, so what a herculean effort it was back then! And the photo below probably could have been taken yesterday! Be… Read more »

Vol XVIII – #314 – Fan Contributions

(Report by Jim) Today’s report photos are by a couple followers. The first is a wave crashing on the Frankfort Light by Jim Drubert. “Not seasonal for February as it was taken in November as in “When the gales of November come early” from the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald.” Marge Mulvihill sent us the image below called “Fire and… Read more »

Vol XVIII – #313 – Fan Contribution – Lake Ice

I‘m glad that in times of need we have people following us that can fill in when we need it. Keith has been battling pneumonia all week and is got a clean bill of health as of today. That doesn’t mean we won’t need your images going forward, please continue to send us images from wherever you are in the… Read more »

Vol XVIII – #311 – Sunday From and For Our Fans

(Report by Jim) Today’s Report is from Rick Allen, one of our long-time followers. You might have seen son Elijah’s drone videos and photography. Below is some video from kiting a couple days ago. You might have noticed a break in the Report over the last week. Keith is getting over a bout of pneumonia and cleaning up some leaking… Read more »