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Vol XVIII – #229 – Tuesday Snow Day

  (Report by Jim) Last two days have been fairly grey. Today’s photos are a mixture of the last three. The last one below is today. Today, I got the pleasure of driving back from Traverse City in a snowstorm. I also found out I need new tires. Slowing down for stop signs taught me how to pray again. I… Read more »

Vol XVIII – #227 – Started Windy Ended Nifty

  (Report by Jim) 30 degrees but coooold with the the wind chill up at Peterson Park in Northport this morning. The puffy white clouds were there for me today. The sun was out when I needed it, and set very beautifully. A very good day all around. Hard to pick from all of the photos, but here are the… Read more »

Vol XVIII – #206- Last Boat Trip of the Season

  (Report by Jim) Note: The 2019 Leland Report Calendar is available for purchase (pre-sale) at the following link: Meggen Petersen suggested one last sunrise photo trip down the Cedar River in her 1958 Dunphy. The sun did not materialize like we hoped. In fact, it started raining on our way back. But the scenery was still spectacular and… Read more »

Vol XVIII – #205 – Revisiting Kehl Lake and Pierce Stocking Drive

  (Report by Jim) Note: The 2019 Leland Report Calendar is available for purchase (pre-sale) at the following link:   Last time I was up at Kehl Lake up near Woosley Airport was May after the last major snow of the year was running off. The lake was really high and the boardwalk at the end was practically submerged…. Read more »

Vol XVIII – #204 – An Omena Color Tour

  (Report by Jim) A color tour today with my daughter. It’s past peak in most of the places we were in. Omena Point Rd still had a beautiful tunnel of trees. Tomorrow, Meggen and I will head down Pierce Stocking drive, but this is the first time I’ll be going there with color. M22 Barns, Mmmmmm Biscuit says hi to… Read more »

Vol XVIII – #167 – Scenes Of September

    (Report by Jim) Some images from earlier this month. The clouds were so good over the bay that I got some good ones just hanging out at the dock where the Manitou and Madeline are kept. The one above is stitched from four separate shots. It is a 50 Megapixel image overall.  I found the fence on the… Read more »

Vol XVIII – #157 – Sandhill Cranes, Sand and Hills

    (Report by Jim) This is my last report for the month. I have been taking US31 and M22 up and down to/from Illinois for the last couple months because I have missed so much coming up 131 over the years.  On the way down, I took Thoreson Rd, which if you drive up from Glen Arbor, it’s that… Read more »

Vol XVIII – #156 – Lunch with the Ducks

    (Report by Jim) Cleaning out the attic meant a trip to the Salvation Army Family Store in Traverse City. On the way back, I stopped at the Tall Ship Manitou as some nice clouds moved in on the big bay. There were plenty of boats out on a brisk, but comfortable top-down kind of day. I stopped and got… Read more »

Vol XVIII – #155 – Morning Fog and Clouds

(Report by Jim)   During my morning “shower” I saw a fog bank moving across the south side of the upper lake. I ran to the house, grabbed my camera and boated out to the middle. This is a four shot vertical panorama. The shot below is the fog at it’s peak.     This afternoon we helped rescue a… Read more »

Vol XVIII – #153 – A Special Sunrise

(Report by Jim)   We were met with a spectacular Leland sunrise this morning. I wish I had looked earlier because this was not the peak. The photos were already posted everywhere by the time I got down to the shore. I guess I’m old fashioned, I choose to lug the camera and bag down to the shore. If I miss… Read more »