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Vol. XX – #222 – Thanksgiving in the Land of Delight

(Report by Jim) Time to give thanks for everything we have. Thankful for family, yes, but also the adventurous spirits this week, kayakers in the rough, fat tire bikes on the beach, deer tracks in the dunes, and pine trees taking root in dead birch tree trunks. Today I got lost in the dune forest off Good Harbor Beach. Trying… Read more »

Vol. XX – #221 – A Cold Beach Sunset

(Report by Jim) It’s been cloudy all day and I didn’t have high hopes for sunset, but South Beach delivered again. The beach has receded a good 10 more feet from what it was this Summer. I ran into Paul Bolmer and his golden lab Mackinaw, they found some nice sized Leland Blues. Adventurer of the day goes to the… Read more »

Vol. XX – #220 – Morris Shanty Moved Back

(Report by Jim) My original post was overridden by news that the Morris Shanty was going to be moved back over to it’s new platform on the South side of the river. I headed down and set up a timelapse in the same place I set up the Cheese Shanty camera, but pointed across the river this time. Again, hats… Read more »

Vol. XX – #216 – Windy Blast From the Past

(Report by Jim) I hear it’s been pretty stormy up in the county this week, especially today with lots of power outages! I hope everyone is safe and with some sort of backup power, or a warm fireplace. Here are some unpublished favorites from other Novembers on the Leland Report. When it gets windy, I hit the breakwall. But these… Read more »

Vol. XX – #215 – Hello Sheen Watkins

(Report by Sheen Watkins – First Post!) There are colors and moments in nature you just can’t make up. Sunset the other night was afire in color. The aqua water of Lake Michigan on Van’s beach looked like the color of vintage blue milk glass. This sunset was one for the memory bank. Mother Nature is brilliant. Fall’s last hurrah…. Read more »

Vol. XX – #214 – Old Leland

(Report by Jim) Today’s photos older than most of the early 1900s shots we’ve shown here. These are part of a collection that Marv Anderson let me scan many years ago. I thought these might be Beebe images (possibly the Glen Arbor shot below), but the handwriting is different. Though I think these are too early to be Erhardt Peters…. Read more »

Vol. XX – #212 – Puffballs and Sour Grapes

Report by No. 1 Son Unusually warm weather was bestowed upon us here in God’s Country this week, and I took an opportunity on Tuesday to hike the trails through Houdek Dunes Natural Area (this time without getting soaked by rain). I happened upon a cluster of puffball mushrooms clearly on their way out for the season. Today, I encountered some… Read more »

Vol. XX – #210 – Some History by Erhardt Peters

(Report by Jim) Happy Halloween! Hope everyone is enjoying the Blue Moon and having as much fun as you can during these trying times. I remembered we haven’t shown any Erhardt Peters photos in a while. These are prints that are part of the collection of 778 photos we helped raise funds to purchase as a donation to the Leelanau… Read more »

Vol. XX – #209 – Guest Post by Mark Smith

(Report by Jim and Mark) Mark Smith might not need an introduction to many of you, he is not only our neighbor to the North on Lake Leelanau, but he is also the first short story you see when you open our book, The Leland Report, 15 Years in the Leelanau Peninsula. Mark is an Instructor at Northwestern Michigan College… Read more »

Vol. XX – #208 – Thank you

(Report by Jim) Thank you to everyone for their well-wishes to Keith! He’s recovering from some jaw surgery and so I have been trying to fill in from Illinois. I do have some help coming, though in the form of some friends and photographers, Mark Smith and Sheen Watkins, who, in addition to Meggen on Mondays, will be sharing their… Read more »