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Vol XX – #081 More Floating of a Different Kind

(Report by Jim) Dusted off the kayak and took an evening trip down the Lake Michigan shore behind Whaleback. The wind was calm and the water was almost glass. I’ve kayaked up the shore, but this is the first time down the shore. With the water so high, boat is the only way around, or you wade. While I was… Read more »

Vol XX – #080 A Floating Kind of Day

(Report by Jim) Took a long lunch with a lazy float down the river today with the kids to get some Harbor House Ice Cream. Leland is pretty crowded and most people seem to be wearing masks and adapting to the new procedures. Some things never change though, people walking through the road at the harbor still don’t seem to… Read more »

Vol XX – #079 More From the Enterprise 1934

(Report by Jim) Today’s report is from Leelanau Enterprise, Aug 2, 1934. What caught my eye was an ad offering “RIDES on Lake Michigan” given by none other than our favorite historical photographer, Erhardt Peters! Don’t forget the welding offered by Van’s Garage, just dial 22F2-1. Also, a harrowing tale of some kids capsizing a canoe a couple of miles… Read more »

Vol XX – #040 – In Some Trees and Under Water

(Report by Jim) Some more nice clouds today, so I headed up to Bay View to get a good look. There are quite a few new houses up there compared to the last time I drove up so it’s possible;e this view will be someone else’s in the not too distant future. I headed down to the south side of… Read more »

Vol XX – #039 – Along Lake Michigan On a Windy Day

(Report by Jim) I knew from the NOAA wind and wave forecast that today was going to be great for beach and cloud shots, so I headed south to Sleeping Bear Dunes, Point Betsie, Esch Road Beach, and Glen Arbor before getting back to have some Friday take out pizza from the Bluebird. The green shades below represent 6-9 foot… Read more »

Vol XX – #038 – Sun Also Sets and the Moon Also Rises

(Report by Jim) Hike up to the Clay Cliffs again today with my daughter for some cliff time. I promised not to stop for long periods to take photos, so I took some on the run with a long exposure. I love it when I can capture something painterly with my camera. The Supermoon came up across the north end… Read more »

Vol XX – #037 – Catching Some Air

(Report by Jim) Flying high with the drone just south of Cathead Bay in Leelanau State Park. The dunes out here are amazing! To get here, drive to the end of Densmore Rd, which is just north of Woosley Airport, which is just north of Northport. The road runs along the south side of Mud Lake and ends at the… Read more »

Vol XX – #035 – Snow Gauge Contest Winners

(Report by Jim) Officially, I am not here, so don’t tell the Governor! I am respecting social distancing and even have a special mask made for me by my daughter. The drone was also distancing itself up and down the Lake Michigan shore fighting a stiff and chilly Northerly breeze, but you couldn’t tell from how calm it was. Another… Read more »

Vol XIX – #350 – Leelanau Enterprise Oct 1927

Leelanau Enterprise, October 20, 1927 Where was the Colonial Theater in Suttons Bay? The Bay Theater opened in 1946, but was it the same building as the Colonial? In other news, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Taylor made their trip up from Indianapolis in 11 hours 30 minutes to visit an ailing J Elder Blackledge. The new Detroit automobile will have… Read more »

Vol XIX – #335 -Up Down All Around

(Report by Jim)  Lots of places visited on Friday so I didn’t have time to post on the same day! I am heading back to Illinois on Saturday. Always fun being able to share this with you all every month. First off, we had a great “breakfast for lunch” at Fig’s in Lake Leelanau, thank you, Brian! Up on Eagle… Read more »