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Vol XVIII – #235 – Meggen’s Monday

This was the weekend to launch into the holiday season, including, for many, a trip to Kolarik’s Christmas Tree Farm. We noticed that many neighbors also took advantage of the mild weather on Sunday, to pick up leaves. Now we are ready for winter!      

Vol XVIII – #228 – Meggen’s Monday

  We welcomed the sunshine… and the return of Cap’n Joel Petersen to Leland, now that everything in Muskegon is tucked away for the winter. Then, in the quiet of a Monday morning in Traverse City: the annual placement of a huge tree on Cass and Front Streets always amazes me. Sad news dept: With great sadness Keith received news of… Read more »

Vol XVIII – #214 – Meggen’s Monday

    The weekend allowed for one more bike ride along the Heritage Trail in the National Park, through the fall foliage that is somehow still clinging to the tree branches. The same trail will be excellent for XC skiing and snow shoeing in the near future…        Carlson’s Fish Shanty 256 9801 Note: The 2019 Leland Report… Read more »

Vol XVIII – #207- Meggen’s Monday

Muted tones over the weekend with overcast skies. Lots of oranges and golds are showing up at the “past peak” time. Monday’s skies are blue: if you’re in town, get out and take a look around! Note: The 2019 Leland Report Calendar is available for purchase (pre-sale) at the following link:                … Read more »

Vol XVIII – #200 – Meggen’s Monday

Sometimes, on an otherwise overcast day, the sun pierces through. It’s worth the wait. Sometimes, too, the reflections are as enjoyable as the leaves and trees.                                                                    … Read more »

Vol XVIII – #193 – Meggen’s Monday

    Monday’s photos are from within the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. I wasn’t the only one out there leaf-peeping. Some of the smaller lakes within the park are hidden gems. Then there was a rather large porcupine: several vehicles (mine included) gave this one plenty of space as he ambled down the road.          … Read more »

Vol XVIII – #186 – Meggen’s Monday

  When we travel, as I did over the last couple of weeks, we sometimes find ourselves in fishing villages comparable with the wonderful Fishtown in Leland. Today’s photos are from Fishtown (top) where the dam is wide open and lots of water spilling over; Peggy’s Cove, near Halifax, Nova Scotia (above); and Dipper Harbour near Saint John, New Brunswick… Read more »

Vol XVIII – #158 – Meggen’s Monday

  This weekend was a great time to take advantage of being outside. Especially if you find an unoccupied bench in the national park, and spend a few minutes taking in the view and the crisp, not-so-humid-anymore air. This bench is up the Bayview Trail, either from the trailhead on Thoreson Road, or from the new grassy Heritage Trail parking… Read more »