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Vol XVII – #174 – The First Day of Fall and 90 Degrees

The day began very warm and became mid-summer hot.  The special Edition, Leelanau 2017 Color Tour published and featured by the Leelanau Enterprise came with the newspaper and featured one of the “Report’s” pictures on page 12.       Check out the Leland Harbor Dredging Time-lapse in the Projects page!                      

Vol XVII – #173 – The Last Day of Summer

  Hall’s Shanty below as it looked this morning and the pen &ink as it looked in 1973.  I finished the pen & ink at 5:00 p.m. on March 17th, 1973, my 40th birthday. I had spent the whole day in my studio (furnace room) and returning upstairs found a birthday party in progress along with friends and neighbors.  This was one… Read more »

Vol XVII – #142 – Great Clouds On a Great Day

The end of August and it’s not as busy, as it is in many states, school is about begin.  The girls at Carlson’s Fish Shanty are headed back to college and Biscuit is going to miss them.  Parking places are easy to find.  Can Fall be far behind?         

Vol XVII – #141 – Little Toot, the Little Tug that Could

  The day began bright and cheery after an overnight rain.  Behind the tug is a 92 ft. cruiser out of Florida.  I had hoped to take a better picture of it, but it left the harbor before I returned at noon. A beautiful day in our neighborhood.       

Vol XVII – #139 – Fishtown Lunch Break

The small inset taken at 8:00 a.m. and the big picture at noon.  Even on a rainy day, parking places are few and far between. The couple saying hello to Biscuit are from New Zeeland.