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Vol XV # 336 – There Is JOY in Fishtown

How nice it was to awaken to clear skies and rising temperatures.  It lasted the morning and by early afternoon… mostly cloudy.  The wind is still a major factor, but a impending storm with prospects of 22 inches of new has been shelved, at least for the moment. I missed the JOY being returned to Fishtown as I drove to… Read more »

Vol XV # 334 – Big Blow, But No Snow

No snow at get-up time, just a lot of wind gusting to over 30.  We live downhill to the western breezes and hear the roar but don’t feel the full force of it as it goes high over our heads.  At the shoreline is another story.  It’s difficult at times for me to stay on my feet, especially when I’m taking a… Read more »

Vol XV #311 – Soon It’s Gonna Snow… Err… Rain… Err…

A great sunrise this morning with a clear blue sky, something we haven’t seen for while.  It didn’t take long for the clouds to take over as are in the path of another winter storm.  Blizzard conditions on the other side of Big Blue while on this side we are expecting 1 to 3 inches of heavy wet snow, then… Read more »

Vol XV #304 – Whatta Ya Know… Drizzle and then Snow

Woke up this morning and guess what… three inches of new and drizzle.  With the temperature around 35 degrees, it bounced back and forth between snow and drizzle.  Not a very nice day, but not the worst we ever had. On Nov 28, we were fortunate to tag along with the crew of the Joy when it moved into the shop for… Read more »

Vol XV #302 – What Can I Say… It’s Sunday Gray

  Dark and dreary, that’s about all I can say after that sunshine tease yesterday. Sad News Dept. Received news this morning from our daughter Mary that Gary’s father Cecil passed away last night after a long illness. The Leland Report/Leif Spork Snow Gauge contest is closed. We had a total of 47 entries. We will report the final tally on 4/30/16!

Vol XV #290 – Calm, then blowing over 30

Last nights weather forecast for the overnight snow fall was 6 to 12 inches.  We woke up to an inch.  The sky at sunrise showed signs of opening up and Big Blue was calm.  And then by 10:30 am the wind started blowing and the sky started snowing.  Gusting to over 30, whiteouts.  All the schools are closed and this system is… Read more »

Vol XV #289 – Meggen’s Monday

Today, Monday, the wind has subsided. However, with temps hovering in the teens, we continue to celebrate winter. Yesterday’s onshore wind made the fishing nets dance around, made the harbor flag point directly toward shore, and created whitecaps in the harbor and river. I stood in the lee of the Fishtown shanties and then in the lee of the Manitou… Read more »

Vol XV #288 – Winter Returned

Winter found it’s way back home!  A blustery return with northwest winds gusting to over 35 mph.  Our Leelanau Road Commission plows had the roads cleared before 7am for the go to church folks, God loveum. Biscuit and I tried to get down to Van’s Beach, but the wind and corn snow drove us back.    The Leland Report/Leif Spork Snow… Read more »