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Vol XV #168 – Another Beautiful Day in the Land of Delight

The Server was doing it’s job this AM when I got up and by 8:30 am I posted yesterday’s Report.  Around noon it failed again, but it’s up and running now.  Today is one of those picture postcard days with indigo blue skies and puffy white clouds.  This is a wine tasting weekend and Boathouse Wine had a front yard… Read more »

Vol XV #167 – 14 Hours Late, But Here We Are

  Lifelong Leland summer resident Amy Coleman has been named senior supervising producer for a new prime time program airing this fall on NBC. Amy, daughter of Scott Craig of Leland, will be the producer for Best Ever With Neil Patrick Harris, a live variety show with game show elements and Candid Camera-type pranks. It will premier Tuesday, Sept 15,… Read more »

Vol XV #166 – A Mostly Cloudy Day, But What Clouds They Were

The morning began with temperatures in the lower 60’s, Rain moving in from the west with incredible cloud formations. The rain kind of put the damper on my wife’s golf, she only got to play one hole.  The rain moved on and the sky continued to entertain us with wonderful formations.       

Vol XV #165 – Van’s Beach, Riviera of the Mid-West

The morning began with temperatures in the lower 60’s, Partly Cloudy skies, a perfect Leelanau beginning.  By mid afternoon, blue sky, brilliant sunshine.  What kind of a day is it?  It’s perfect Leelanau Day.  I put the hard top back on the Jeep with sadness, the morning temperatures will be getting lower as we navigate toward Fall and I don’t want… Read more »

Vol XV #162 – Setting Sail, Going Home

A beautiful Fishtown Morning.   South/Southwest wind was just perfect for the sail back to wherever and for all I know, to wherever.  I was surprised to see Van’s Beach vacant, but it was still early.  Biscuit and I visited Fishtown at noon and it was so crowded, we returned home, got mom and went for a boat ride.    … Read more »

Vol XV #161 – Great Morning to Go Fishing

A real Fishtown Morning.  Far-Fetched arrived in Fishtown around 8:30 with a happy crew.  They fished a calm Big Blue and brought home dinner or I should say dinners.  The sun just came out.  It’s been a busy day in Leland but busier in Suttons Bay with the annual Suttons Bay Floatilla.  Hopefully I can get an aerial  to post later. … Read more »

Vol XV #159 – Fishtown in the Rain

  I heard someone say that last night’s T-Storm dumped 3+ inches on the Land of Delight last night. Below, this Cadillac ATS, which Jim Burnham says stands for “A Tiny Sedan” attracted my attention because it’s been parked in this “Compact Only” slot for a couple of days.  Cars park on the other side of the entrance road and the… Read more »