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Vol XIX – #97 – Critters

(Report by John) Today we bring you critters encountered during a morning on the Leelanau peninsula. I took a bike ride from Burnham Wood up to the Grand Traverse Lighthouse and encountered deer on E Woolsey Lake Road, Sandhill Cranes at the Woolsey Memorial Airport, and upon my return a monarch caterpillar having a feast on the milkweed in Mom’s… Read more »

Vol XIX – #96 – Lions and Lizards and Shanties oh my!

(Report by Jim) Town is crowded if you didn’t notice (if you are here and didn’t notice, then you didn’t leave the house). I decided not to even try to find space downtown and just parked the car at the top of the hill going north (glad I did, turning onto Main St was a lesson in futility). The drone… Read more »

Vol XIX – #92 – Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

(Report by Jim) Travel day up to Leland yesterday. I wanted to get here earlier in the evening, but fate has a way of ruining things for me. I had errands to run in the morning and when I went to put my registration sticker on my trailer plate, I found someone had stolen the plate. I spend over an… Read more »

Vol XIX – #86 – Meggen’s Monday

  We have beautiful sunny days and then the rainy days… today is wet. So I made my way to Fishtown to check the water level (it rises with the rains). I carried my glass sphere to make pictures today. Here are a few of the results of the spherical play. (All iPhone X pics today.)           … Read more »