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Vol XIX – #166 – Meggen’s Monday

  I spent early Saturday morning staring at the huge waves rolling in around Leland Harbor, amazed at each time a wave would splash higher than the harbor lights. However, when I asked Joel which photo he thought showed how rough the lake was, he chose the one immediately above: no tall splash, but whitecaps at the harbor mouth… top… Read more »

Vol XIX – #155 – What’s the Point

Report by Jim It’s been a couple of decades since I walked down the trail from the Pyramid Point Overlook down to the bowls. When I was a kid, people used to hang glide off the overlook. Now it’s a bit easier with parasailing. The wind was brisk up the side of the dune and provides needed uplift. Unfortunately for… Read more »

Vol XIX – #154 – Windy and Chilly but Sunny and That’s OK

Report by Jim A mixture of images from today (first image) the squall yesterday (2 – 4). I saw it coming over the Manitous on radar and was on the harbor dock when it came in. These are the last two shots before I had to run! But as it cleared, this is what was on the other side. This… Read more »