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Vol XVI – #205 – A Busy Place After the Crowds are Gone

As always, “hats off” to the Leelanau Road Commission.  Mother Nature had created a hard to navigate path down to North Beach and the Road Commission crew created a scenic gateway.  The 2017 Leland Report Calendar is available for pre-order! Shipping around 11/5! New low price!  Look for the Book and Calendar Bundle here:  http://www.artistasylum.com/specialty-items/e5b7837c1  

Vol XVI – #120 – A Perfect Day to Go to the Beach

  And another one of those nice July days.  Great day for having fun in the sun.  I spent just enough time on the beach to take a picture, which wasn’t easy as I just returned from having my eyes checked and was still under the influence of my eyes being dilated.  Below, Jack O’Malley, Jack’s Journal, interviewing me at the… Read more »

Vol XVI # 021 – A Land of Delight Kinda Day

After a couple of warm wake-ups, this am’s chilly air wasn’t the best, but that’s one of the problems with this time of year, you get a couple of Summer days and then it’s back to Spring. The wispy white clouds and the color of Big Blue highlighted this days beauty. We have exited from a relatively easy Winter and are enjoying how 2016… Read more »

Vol XV #257 – And Then the Sun Came Out… But Not For Long

El Nino is making it’s mark on Winter 2015/16 with spring like temperatures but in 2001 it was 65 degrees on December 9th.  When the next snowfall will be interesting. Click here to enter the 2016 Snow Gauge contest! Win a custom Leif Spork tile!

Vol XV #144 – It Was a Cloudy Sunny Day

   It was a very quiet and calm morning on the beach with a little drizzle in the air.  Gee, I think I said that yesterday.  We had a nice overnight rain and the was fresh and clean, actually the air is fresh and clean every morning.  Today must be Biscuit’s day because he’s in every photo except the aerial. … Read more »

Vol XV #63 – Riptide Warning

Our roving reporter Ian Dawkins spent the rainy morning at the 2015 Empire Hill Climb. The race was run from 1964 to 1980 and at long last it is back! The course is a short but challenging .5 miles and 8 turns, just a short walk from the shores of Lake Michigan. During its original running some of the best cars… Read more »