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Vol XVII – #143 – Meggen’s Monday – Eclipse Day

  The sunset mid-week last week caught the light through the Fresnel lens at the Cannery at Glen Haven. It’s this sort of alignment, with light shining through a transparent object at just the right angle, that brings to mind another alignment that many will seek to see on Monday: the solar eclipse. (Meggen is in the totality zone today,… Read more »

Vol XVII – #136 – Meggen’s Monday

One of the hidden gems in the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore is Tucker Lake. It’s a quiet place to paddle (no motors allowed), listen to the birds, see an occasional eagle or loon, and admire the numerous lilies. I’m also sharing a favorite of the Joy from this week.   

Vol XVII – #094 – Meggen’s Monday

This is an amazing place for sunsets. Wherever you are around here, you can watch the sun melt over the horizon, or the Manitous, or the breakwater, or nearby trees. Breathe a deep sigh, do a hand stand, grab a fishing pole. Above all this weekend: Happy Independence!       

Vol XVII – #088 – Meggen’s Monday

  Years ago, on days like today, we would huddle inside and practice tying knots like the bowline and clove hitch, rather than try to sail while being pelted by raindrops. It’s still an extraordinary place on rainy mornings: when staring out across Lake Michigan, the Manitou islands and even nearby points seem to disappear into the clouds, only to… Read more »