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Vol XV # 337 – Home Again

Wow, record high for today was 47 degrees in 1983 and at the moment it is 50 degrees. We were gifted with partial sunshine earlier and it is a nice day so far, but my “Dark Sky” app just informed me that drizzle will be starting in 20 minutes along with light snow (0 – 1 inch) from 6 pm to… Read more »

Vol XV # 336 – There Is JOY in Fishtown

How nice it was to awaken to clear skies and rising temperatures.  It lasted the morning and by early afternoon… mostly cloudy.  The wind is still a major factor, but a impending storm with prospects of 22 inches of new has been shelved, at least for the moment. I missed the JOY being returned to Fishtown as I drove to… Read more »

Vol XV #310 – Meggen’s Monday

It’s a bright February morning! Grab your sunglasses and enjoy. Today we’re bringing you an update on the renovation of the trap net boat Joy. The new paint is the same kelly green as the original; it fades after years of exposure to the sun. The painting is made possible by the warmer weather, since the indoor temperature must be at… Read more »

Vol XV #300 – Four More

  Woke up this morning to four more.  This El Nino winter was supposed to be different, but it’s not much different from any other winter as far as I can see, it’s cold and snowy out. I stopped by Nick’s shop to check on the JOY and it looks like it’s coming along nicely.  Below is the road I… Read more »

Vol XV #287 – Waiting For Winter to Return

Another gloomy beginning, dark and dreary.  The early afternoon no different. Snow was forecasted to fall around four, it began falling at two.  The snow is falling along with the temperature and winter is returning.  The Leland Report/Leif Spork Snow Gauge contest is closed. We had a total of 47 entries. We will report the final tally on 4/30/16!  

Vol XV #273 – Powering Down

(Report by Jim) Still a blackout in Leland. Today’s photos are by Erhardt Peters, turn of the century photographer from Ludington and Leland. Fishing was year-round as long as the ice was passable. And if the ice wasn’t passable, they made it passable. According to Joel Petersen, the rocking made it easier to move through the ice. This is circa… Read more »

Vol XV #270 – Annual Toy Store Story

The Leland Reports first visit to the Toy Store was on this date in 2001 and has been revisited each year since.  I believe it’s important to remember those who have made our Leland experience special and Linda, the Toy Store Lady” did indeed.  The weather people are forecasting rain and winds gusting to 50 mph tonight and early tomorrow.  I’m… Read more »

Vol XV #269 – Another Damp Day I’d say

Above, pictures of the calmness of Big Blue as well as the absence of winter two days before Christmas.  It’s not the first time it’s been void of snow, hopefully not a trend for the season.  Remembering the record snowfall two years ago I’m sure it’s not. Below is an update of the new fire station progress.      … Read more »

Vol XV #268 – Meggen’s Monday

Above average temperatures dominate the weather news. Usually at this time of year, a white weather pattern involves snow rather than fog. But rainy fog is what we have – where the familiar shoreline disappears into a bank of misty white. Meanwhile behind the scenes, the Joy is being fitted with rails that are about eight inches higher. The fishermen… Read more »

Vol XV #260 – A Rainy Sunday in December

 The morning began sounding like a war zone with lightning and thunder which actually shook the house. A rainy, sometimes heavy, morning which makes it tough to do our Biscuit thing.  It will probably take all day to dry him off.  Click here to enter the 2016 Snow Gauge contest! Win a custom Leif Spork tile!