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Vol XVI # 073 – Started Out Sunny, Storms On the Way

A beautiful beginning to another fine day.   Mid-afternoon the clouds started rolling in and thunderstorms are forecasted for the overnight.  Above the harbor parking lot is being prepared for the 2016 Leland Wine Festival.   Below is a vineyard where this years crop might be featured at a future festival.      

Vol XVI # 070 – A Cold and Windy Day

Brrrrr  best describes this mornings weather, cold and windy.  I wore my winter coat with a hood and was glad I did when I ventured out to the shore.  I’m having a difficult time walking, especially uphill and in the sand, so I’m not sure how long I can continue to visit my favorite morning destinations.  I’ll do it until… Read more »

Vol XVI # 068 – A Foggy Day in Lelandtown

A cloud moved in and over Lelandtown this morning making it difficult to see much beyond a few hundred feet.  Later a West Southwest wind and 57 degrees to chill the air.  Not exactly beach weather, it’s June and we expect a foggy day now and then.  Above, a great shot by Meggen from the break wall this morning.         

Vol XVI # 066 – Another Very Nice Day I’d Say

On the cool side but a very nice day in the Leelanau.  We went to the Big City by the Bay this morning with our student driver, granddaughter, Lauren Burnham.  She did a fine job.   

Vol XVI # 065 – A Very Nice Day I’d Say

An overnight thunderstorm cleared the air and our morning began as another spectacular Leelanau day.  We received a shipment of “Leland Report” books and delivered them to Leelanau Books.  Sold 4 books before we could unload the box.