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Vol XXI – #46- Merry Christmas from Mud Lake

Merry Christmas from the Leland Report and the Burnhams. Took a hike with the John Burnham family up to Leelanau State Park and around Mud Lake. Saw my favorite tree which might not be around very much longer based on all the trees down from the last storm. Thanks to everyone who has supported our project throughout the years. We… Read more »

Vol XXI – #45- Warming Up

We made a Snow-Keith, Snow-Joanne, and a Snow-Biscuit in the morning and then I hiked up around Kehl Lake in the afternoon. Sun peeked out briefly in the morning, but never saw it again. Hope everyone is having a warm and safe Christmas Eve night. Thanks to everyone who has supported our project throughout the years. We all know how… Read more »

Vol XXI – #44- A Little Bit More Snow

If you were driving up through Michigan today for the holiday, like my brother and family did, you were greeted with a dumping of snow and ice across the state. Doesn’t look like anyone was spared, and we got three inches of it up here. One poor soul was laboring with a soil compactor at the Carlson Fishery plot, probably… Read more »

Vol XXI – #43- A Little Bit of Snow on the First Day of Winter

For a brief second last night, I could have sworn I saw moon shadows splayed out from the large Ash tree on the hill. When I went back to make sure I wasn’t imagining things, they were gone. That would have meant the clouds broke for only that minute and I missed it. But it was dark, windy, and 20… Read more »

Vol XXI – #42- Focus Trek 22 A Story Arc

A cold, grey day today and with the sun going down at 5pm now, I didn’t have much daylight to take any photos. But I do have a new article at the link below. Hopefully it will provide some curvy comfort. Focus Trek 22-A Story Arc Thanks to everyone who has supported our project throughout the years. We all know… Read more »

Vol XXI – #41 – Calendars

The 2022 Leland Report Calendar is the 16th consecutive calendar we have put out. For the last 16 years, I have assembled 12 of our best photos from a huge number to choose from. This isn’t as easy as uploading 12 photos and having a printer print out X number of calendars. I manually edited every page, placed all the… Read more »

Vol XXI – #40 – Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from the Leland Report Family. Hope everyone is having a safe and healthy week! Note: If you would like to get a calendar in town, Leelanau Books has a stack of them.   The 2022 Leland Report Calendar is now available at the link below. $15.95 for the calendar and if you buy a book with it, it’s… Read more »

Vol XXI – #39 – Sleeping Bear Dunes Lake Michigan Trail

I’ve said it before, what a difference a day makes! I’ve never taken the hike all the way down to the big lake from the Sleeping Bear Dune climb before, so I took the opportunity today with bright blue skies and, better late than never, some puffy white clouds. I always thought this path ended at a steep dune next… Read more »

Vol XXI – #38 – Fall is Technically Still Here

Dreary, cold gray day today. The wind blew fierce last night, but was a little calmer today. I was working all day and didn’t get a chance to do any photography so I thought it might be a good day to revisit past Fall favorites from around the county. Tomorrow is a free day, so anything goes, maybe even a… Read more »

Vol XXI – #37 – Sister Ships and Whaleback Natural Area

Back in Leland to see what’s been happening. The Japanese Maples are the only trees still holding their color. Found two boats and a building in the Harbor parking lot. Looks like old friends will be spending the Winter together there. Carlson’s Fishery is the latest benefactor to an upgraded foundation. Took a hike up into the Whaleback Natural Area… Read more »