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Vol XVIII – #8 – Snow Gauge Updated to 208!

(Report by Jim) Is this the end of the snow? Who knows? Snow gauge is now sitting at 208″ for the season based on the Leif Sporck’s exacting measurements. There are only 10 people left who guessed higher than 208 in the contest. The photo above is by Keith down at Nedows Bay. The forecast does not show any significant… Read more »

Vol XVIII – #3 – Easter Sun/Snow Day!

“April is the cruelest month…” T.S. Eliot, The Waste Land Twelve days past Vernal Equinox 2018 and the sun is rising a little more north of due east. The Northern Hemisphere was insolated just a little more than it was yesterday, although standing out on a frozen lake at sunrise today you would want to be a little more insulated. The sun… Read more »

Vol XVIII – #2 – Into the Past

Report today by Jim.  Erhardt Peters walked out onto a snowy Lake Leelanau around 100 years ago (roughly) and took a photo of Maronook, the stately summer residence of Walter Truman Best aka “Maro the Magician” and his wife Allie May Kaiser. Maro died in 1908 at age 39, so at the time this photo was taken, it was probably… Read more »

Vol XVII – #330 – The Wind Doth Blowith

The weather stations warned of high winds with gusts of 40 mph for downhill from the bluff Sunday.  The wind howled overnight and this morning indeed gusted 40+.  It seemed that for the most part that the wind was a steady 40+. Today’s pictures were taken from inside the Jeep. At home we are downhill from the bluff and the wind blows… Read more »