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Vol XXI – #15 – Out on the Lake

Good day to take the kayaks out with my daughter, even if it was a bit windy. The wind was perfect for the Sunfish, which also went in despite the halyard cleat popping up out of the deck. Doesn’t matter what kind of boat you have, it’s always something. Check out the Glen Arbor Sun (you can find them free… Read more »

Vol XXI – #14 – Almost a week later

Jim will be in Fishtown in the Art Shanty (under Haystacks in the old Leland Gal spot) from 6/29-7/5 with canvas, metal, and framed prints and puzzles and these cool little acrylic blocks. We’ll also have some Keith Burnham Leland series pen and ink prints. Thank you to Mark Smith who reminded me today that there were still some Lady… Read more »

Vol XXI – #12 – Lake is Calm, Town is Full

So, last time (two weeks ago) I said warmer weather was moving in. I was kind of right, but it was short lived. We drove in at 1am and it was 31F. This morning, it was also below freezing, but both days it warmed up enough to put the boat in for the season and take a ride. I will… Read more »

Vol XXI – #10 – Leland Reporter On the Road Again

Keith came out with me in the Jeep for a noon photo tour. He thanks everyone for their well wishes. He’s 88 and feeling, well, just ok. I am going to be manning the old Leland Gal location (The lower level of the building under the Fishtown) from 6/29-7/5. I will have our Leland Report book, canvas prints, Keith’s Leland… Read more »

Vol XXI – #9 -Looking Over Empire Bluffs

So, I was hoping for sunshine today and that’s all there was. Be careful what you wish for. Still cold, but looking good for the weekend, just in time for me to leave. Today’s shots are with the drone over Lake Michigan facing Empire Bluffs. I always take a chance flying over the big lake, but it allows me to… Read more »

Vol XXI – #8 -Cherry Air Time

Sunshine all day today, but still a chill in the air. Freeze warnings for the last few days are threatening the buds on the cherry blossoms. Better weather is coming next week, though. Of course, just in time for me to head back to Illinois! My drone crashed the last time I was up and has had some brain damage… Read more »

Vol XXI – #7 -Cherry Blossom Time

Happy Mother’s Day to all our Leland Report mothers out there. We love you all! Today is a day for flowers, so I planted some Belladonna Lillies that I transported up from Illinois, and went out into the orchards to get some cherry blossoms. I was surprised a week ago when I saw Sheen Watkins posting photos of full bloom… Read more »

Vol XXI – #5 -Earth Day

Starting with Rachel Carson’s bestselling novel Silent Spring in 1962, the modern environmental movement began. The first Earth Day followed in 1970 as a global movement to stem the tide of pollution and damage we cause to this planet on a daily basis. The images today are from Keith’s 1970’s archives to  celebrate the first Earth Day. See the history… Read more »