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Vol XVIII – #280 – Still Blowin, Still Snowin

At sunrise Biscuit and I headed for Fishtown to start our day.  Today the sun rose at 8:30, the temperature was 22 degrees. Too windy to get to the shoreline. Below is the Leland Report picture for January 30th, 2003 taken at Nedow’s Bay Beach.  

Vol XVIII – #276 – A Report of Biscuit Reports

We still have calendars left, get yours here: Have we ever had an issue with all Biscuit? Hmm, maybe, can’t remember. Well, you have one now. Here are some favorites from January 2010.  

Vol XVIII – #275 – A Nice Spring Day in January

   Winter Wonderland… day # 5 We still have calendars left, get yours here:   The temperature rose into the lower 40’s again melting some more of the snow. Another system is forecasted to move in on Monday with rain or and snow.