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Vol XVI – #130 – Book Signing and Bar-B-Cruise Day

Report by Jim. Busy day (that’s why this report is late), but a beautiful day and night for another Leland Yacht Club Bar-B-Cruise. The sunsets this week have not disappointed. Thanks to Amanda and Daniel for hosting our first Fishtown book signing! Go to and buy a raffle ticket for next weekend’s drawing. Win one of Keith’s framed Leland… Read more »

Vol XVI – #129 – Great to Be Here

  Today’s report is by Jim. Even when it’s dark, the color of the sunset lingers. Most people leave, but I stay because a camera, with a long exposure set, can capture color that is not visible to the eye. It smooths out waves, draws out clouds and simplifies chaos. It doesn’t matter when you’re there, this is Happy Hour… Read more »

Book Examples

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Vol XVI # 015 – Weather the Website Worries

Managing a website has it’s good days, then there there was today.  The site is going to look a little different for a short time. Maybe I’ll leave it like this. Going straight to (for those of you who use shortcuts on your computer) will show you a list of recent posts. However, the links in the emails will… Read more »

Vol XV # 364 – A Great Saturday

   (Report by Jim) It was a beautiful 60 sunny degrees today so we went out rock hunting with a few others out on South Beach. What was a significant snowfall has turned into not so much with all the warm weather. The deputy that wrote up my deer collision was the same one that has given me my last three… Read more »


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